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  What is iHTP?  
IHTP is essentially a resource planning methodology and tool that seeks to ensure that all resources needed for any particular medical intervention are available in an adequate mix that is specific and particular to the local needs and conditions. It integrates healthcare needs, disease profiles, patient demographics, clinical practice, medical device availability, technology requirements and constraints, and system capacity for its management, linking these to the resources needed to deliver a defined set of health interventions. The primary focus of IHTP is healthcare resources comprising human resources, medical devices, pharmaceuticals and health facilities. The IHTP methodology was developed on the premise that:

a) Effective and efficient healthcare delivery is dependent on the availability of the right mix of healthcare technologies required for delivery of specific health interventions

b) These healthcare technologies are carefully chosen with due consideration of recurrent implications of a capital investment, and system's capacity for their adequate utilization.

Within IHTP, resources are linked with clinical interventions; replete with detailed technology unit costs and time utilization so that informed decisions can be made on their optimal acquisition, deployment and utilization. 

IHTP is intervention-based; scenarios form processes and pathways of linked clinical interventions. These scenarios are representative of treating diseases and reflect clinical practice guidelines.

Resource requirements are then simulated for each clinical scenario using patient demographic and coverage data entered into the simulation tool. It also allows for a comprehensive technology GAPS analysis between the current and intended practice, i.e. for scaling up priority interventions.

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