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WHO has created several generic scenarios for their IHTP project purposes. These scenarios belong to the responsible WHO department; they can be obtained through them in the context of an IHTP implementation project under their auspices. Other generic scenarios are the sole property of the institution that created them, such as Ministries of Health (MoH). Currently, generic scenarios on all major obstetric, neonatal, pediatric and non-communicable diseases have been created by WHO. Chronic disease scenarios are presently in review.

The WHO department ‘Making Pregnancy Safer’ has been actively involved in creating scenarios on maternal and child health in recent years. These scenarios are anchored in WHO clinical guidelines also developed by the department. National-level generic scenarios are currently being developed in Democratic Republic of Congo, Kyrgyzstan, Malawi, Mexico, South Africa and Ukraine. Professional organizations including Kaiser Permanente and Orbis International are currently piloting the iHTP. 

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